Bart Van Loo has cleverly described in his book 'The Burgundians' why the term “Living as a Burgundian” applies so well to the Belgians.

It goes back to the 16th Century. Yes, we like to enjoy life, and certainly enjoy a good meal! Could this be a reason why the Food Consumption Survey figures are so bad? Barely 5% of Belgians eat enough vegetables, only 9% eat enough fruit...

I was therefore curious about the results of the Dutch Consumption Survey. Would their Calvinist background give a different picture?

Only partially! The average Dutch person doesn’t eat enough fruit and vegetables just as the Belgian does: for fruit this is between 14% and 34%, and for vegetables between 20% and 38%, depending on age. So better than Belgians, but certainly not optimal.

Would the 16th century have been so decisive for our population?

Click here to consult the most recent Dutch national food consumption survey.