It makes me angry and sad at the same time to see that so many ‘experts’ and ‘journalists’ easily create and repeat Fake News about Food Supplements. Take EOS Wetenschap in Flanders. With the question ‘How safe are vitamin-D supplements’, EOS allows Patrick Mullie to simply declare that a person has died from an overdose of vitamin D supplements.  And that is a big lie!

The unfortunate person did not overdose on a Food Supplement, but on a medicinal product.  Food supplements with such high doses simply do not exist. 

To be clear: such a medicin can contain up to 100.000 Units of Vitamin D per tablet, to be taken once a week or month.  One such tablet contains the same amount of vitamin D that you find in a whole Food Supplement box of 30 tablets (which can contain maximum 3000 Units per tablet in Belgium).   If you take a whole box of food supplement every day … you will surely run into trouble.  But who would do that? That is why vitamin D as Food Supplement is much safer to take than as a high-dosed medicin.

What went wrong here?  Has the Doctor or Pharmacist not given clear advice to take only one tablet per week or month? 

And, more importantly, who benefits from that kind of ‘Fake News’?

Click here to read the article in EOS.