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APB Academy


Wednesday February 19th 2020 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM



We have the pleasure to invite you to the third edition of a stimulating event where you can meet and learn from APB key representatives, who will give you a unique insight on the Belgian Community Pharmacy scene.


Belgian Community Pharmacists committed to Quality and Patient Safety !


Association of Pharmacists Belgium (APB)


(Association Pharmaceutique Belge – Algemene Pharmaceutische Bond)






Interested in attending APB Academy ?
Register before February 7th 2020.













9:00 AM


Welcome breakfast




9:30 AM


Introduction – The Community Pharmacist Landscape


Luc Adriaenssens, General Manager


Luc will explain the basics on how the Belgian community pharmacy landscape is organized, what role APB and its regional affiliates play, and how the scene is evolving. (in Dutch)





10:00 AM


Belgian community pharmacies in key numbers


Camille Thimpont, Health Economist


Camille will present the models on pharmacy remuneration, as well as Real World Data illustrating the economic and financial challenges that community pharmacists, their patients and third party payers face today. (in French)





10:30 AM


Post-Marketing Surveillance organised by the pharmacy sector


Sophie Sarre, Laboratory Director


Belgium has a long track record on effective post-marketing surveillance, garantueeing the quality of medicines on the market. Sophie will show how the APB Laboratory is working every day to make sure patients get medicines of indisputable quality. (in Dutch)





11:00 AM


Coffee break




11:30 AM


Tools supporting quality of care to patients


Jan Saevels, Scientific Director


Jan will display some of the tools and services that pharmacists use in support of the care they are committed to dispense to the patients: Clinical Decision Support, Pharmacovigilance, Quality Manual, Continuous Education, etc. (in Dutch)





12:00 AM


New services by pharmacists for patients


Alain Chaspierre, Secretary General


The introduction of the “family pharmacist” service was a milestone. Listen to Alain and you will understand that this was just the beginning. New developments in prevention, signposting and pharmaceutical care will shape the pharmacist’ future. (in French)





12:30 PM


Pharmacists connected to their patients in 2020


Lieven Zwaenepoel, President


Community pharmacists have always been eager to adopt new technologies. Lieven will explain how pharmacists “connect” to their patients, health care professionals in primary care and health institutions, and how patients and society can benefit from this in 2020 and beyond. (in Dutch)





1:00 PM






2:00 - 2:30 PM


Visit to the APB Laboratory


(optional, please indicate on the registration form)




Who should attend:

- Product and marketing managers

- Area/district managers, sales representatives

- Medical and Corporate Affairs staff members

- Any professional that interacts with community pharmacists


What to expect:

An intensive half-day event with lectures by APB key representatives will give you insights in the current and future drivers of community pharmacy in Belgium. Of course, there will be ample opportunity for Q&A and interaction with the speakers and fellow participants.


This unique opportunity is offered to a limited number of participants (30) at a registration fee of € 395 (+VAT) on a first come, first served basis.


Language: French or Dutch, as indicated in the program. No simultaneous translation provided.


Location : APB, Rue Stévin 137, 1000 Brussels











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