At Eco Treasures we believe that extracting the richness of mother nature in a careful, qualitative and economically viable manner will support a sustainable future for our planet!

Eco Treasures produces “Fruiticals” and “Naturals” based on vegetal raw materials for the B2B market. Each of these has unique properties and is used in a variety of sectors, including food supplements, cosmetics and food.

Organic cold pressed berry seed oils, from fruits such as raspberry, cranberry, blueberry, elderberry and blackcurrant and from plants such as coffee and black cumin.

We produce a wide range of organic dried fruit fibres, grinded seed powders and SCCO2 extracted antioxidants and colourants.

From its very start in 2006 Eco Treasures’ philosophy was to use innovative and sustainable technologies to extract high value molecules from natural raw materials.

Our mission is to contribute to the circular economy by valorizing side streams from food industry, such as juice manufacturers, into high end products for the B2B markets.

Processing of fruit juice side streams



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