A global approach to health and well-being.

Founded in 1980 in Carros, near Nice in France, by Dr. Max Rombi, Arkopharma is a pharmaceutical laboratory specialised in the area of phytotherapy, natural medicine and dietary supplements. By offering a global approach to health and well-being, ARKOPHARMA Pharmaceutical Laboratories meets consumers' needs. It offers natural medicines intended for treatment and prevention, increases consumption oriented towards family self-medication, and also offers healthcare professionals new possibilities for prescriptions.

- ARKOPHARMA is the European leader for phytotherapy medicines and dietary supplements.
- Present worldwide, in more than 60 countries
- Seven international subsidiaries in strategic countries: Spain, Italy (x2), Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland.
- 1250 employees
- 175.2 million Euro consolidated turnover
- ARKOPHARMA holds 1621 registrations and Marketing Authorisations (MA's) for medicines
- ARKOPHARMA invests 4% of its turnover in Research and Development

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