With a long experience in executive search and recruitment, Alliance Consulting, present in Switzerland and in France, has distinguished itself for 23 years as one of the main consultants in the search for specialists and experts in the European food supplements, nutrition & health and skin health markets.


The client we are working with is a major player in the nutritional supplementation market located in Luxembourg, offering a catalog of 400 references including its own formulas, through a mastery of e-commerce and digital marketing in Europe, the United States and China for over 30 years...

Quality of the selected ingredients, effectiveness and scientific validation, customer satisfaction are the driving forces of its success.


In order to affirm an ambitious growth policy, we are looking for a


Food Supplement Innovation & Development Manager


In close collaboration with the General Manager, you will carry out all reflections and initiatives related to the development of new formulas and the extension or maintenance of the dietary supplements ranges. To do this, you will have total responsibility for the product pipeline, carrying out approximately one launch per month and working on the entire value chain.


On a daily basis, you work closely with the team to identify market trends and create winning products based on the latest scientific literature. You design new formulas integrating the project requirements, source and reference new ingredients.

With a strong requirement in terms of product traceability, you ensure a regular technical, technological and regulatory surveillance allowing you to be a source of proposals. You deploy your mission in agile mode in order to support the business model based on 100% digital.

In addition to regular reporting to your management, you are systematically present at the main trade shows and events in Europe and the United States, in search of the latest innovations.


Network man/woman, PhD in Pharmacy, Food/Nutraceutical Engineer or PhD in Chemistry/Biology, you have an excellent practice of formulation and project management via a formative R&D/innovation career for at least 10 years within the nutritional supplement industry.

Perfectly at ease with European legislation, expert in certain categories (e.g. anti-aging, intestinal health...), you wish to enrich your scope of activity and speak French & English fluently.


Passionate about the food supplement/dietary/micro-nutrition sector, with an inspiring and creative vision, attentive to new trends and consumer insight, able to manage multiple cutting-edge projects involving a large number of stakeholders, you will master the entire product development process from start to finish, right through to marketing.


In order to take advantage of the quality of life and tax optimization offered by this great opportunity whose headquarters are in Luxembourg, please apply with your full application (resume, expected salary) which will be processed with strict confidentiality ref. HRD359/Be - contact@alliance-consulting.fr