I just experienced another “WOW” effect when reading a recent research report  This multinational University group looked at the relation between dietary linoleic acid (LA) and alpha linolenic acid (ALA) intake with cardiovascular, cancer and all-cause mortalities in patients with diabetes.

Summarised: they looked at the impact of Omega-3 intake in 3112 american diabetes patients during 9 years. YES 3112 patients! And they found spectacular results.

Subjects with a high LA intake had 17% and 48% reductions in all-cause mortality and cardiovascular mortality, respectively.  Similar results were observed for ALA.

Another strong indication that the effects of micronutrition deficiencies become evident when studied over a longer term.

For me there is an extra conclusion.  Such great scientific work, just like several other comparable studies, should be taken into account when experts are writing Standard Nutrition Advice. 


Let’s make Food Supplements part of a healthy diet. ASAP!

You can consult the study HERE.