I hate it when information is not complete.  Recently ‘De Morgen’ published a nice article about the importance of iron deficiencies in women.

Iron deficiencies are indeed an under-estimated cause of health problems in women.  Health practitioners who take micronutrition seriously know this since a long time.

The author describes this situation very well.  The content of the article is well balanced, there is even the suggestion to use iron supplementation.  Seldom seen such positive advice!  But there is no information in the article about such supplements.

So I know what happens next.  Doctors prescribe way too often – in 90% of the cases that I hear about – a century old medical drug based on Iron Sulphate.  Which is probably the worst iron supplement you can find! It is poorly absorbed, causes constipation and black stools.  Iron Sulphate is sold in garden centers to kill moss.  People should take the much better salts of iron, widely available in food supplements. 

This is proof again of how food supplements have evolved to be the preferred choice above such ancient medicinal formulas.  Higher bio-availability, safer compositions, less side effects.  Instead of to “FOSUBA” (Food Supplement Bashing) so often, health professionals should embrace food supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle.

  Click here to read the article in “De Morgen”.