It was on National TV (RTBF) in the ‘Journal Télévisé’ yesterday, and not for the first time: the Consumer Association pleads to have Food Supplements only available upon medical advice. 

You don’t believe this? It’s really true. They are repeating a totally debunked and hopelessly outdated opinion from decades ago.  Europe has decided 20 years ago that Food Supplements should be freely available to the consumer as ‘food’, not as ‘drugs’, and certainly not upon prescription.  And that is how it works … all over Europe.  Without any problem, because Food Supplements are safe and well regulated.

Now here is what nobody talks about.  Yes, the pharmaceutical industry would love to see this happen.  Obtaining the monopoly to sell Food Supplements would be a ‘dream come true’.  And of course, the pharmacists would love to see this happen.

So here is my question.  Why is a Consumer Association supporting this viewpoint?  Is there something that we don’t know?