CELABOR is a Walloon research center created in 1995 active in the following industries: packaging, paper, textile, environment and food (nutrition and extraction). The center has developed extensive experience in the field of extraction. The department is equipped with a unique technology platform in Wallonia including an ATEX zone, a test hall constituted of extraction machinery (lab scale and pilot scale), an analytical laboratory and a multi-disciplinary team. CELABOR provides technical support for developing new plant extracts for the food supplements, cosmetics and phytotherapy markets and for developing and optimizing extraction process This team is working on the development of extraction processes with a “green” orientation (less energy and solvent) and the naturalness of plant extracts. CELABOR covers all stages of the extraction process, from pre-treatment of the raw material to post-treatment of extracts. CELABOR can offer a very wide range of solutions for plant extraction according to specific needs and requests: solvent polarity, environmentally friendly process, cost, application of the extract, etc. The fields of application developed by the centre are multiple: extraction of extracts with high added value, active principles, debacterisation, dealcoholisation, encapsulation, fractioning of the extract, deodorisation, etc. Depending on the nature of the raw material and the client’s request, CELABOR can develop the quantification of specific markers via the following techniques: GC-MS/MS, GC-MS, HPLC-ELSD, DAD and fluorescence, UPLC-MS/MS, ICP-MS, Optical ICP, etc. Latest Equipment: • Extraction tools: extractor driven by supercritical CO2 and by pressurised hot solvent (subcritical water), extractor assisted by microwaves and ultrasounds, maceration tank, etc. • Extract treatment tools: freeze-dryer, spray-dryer, cryogenic grinder, etc. The nutrition department is also involved in the field of Development of products with nutritional claims and takes part to the following steps: - Search for innovative raw materials. - Testing of small-scale production. - Analysis of products. - Study of the legislative context.

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